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Season's Greetings


  • 2018/12/22

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Dear SPD Holders and supporters,
Change is unavoidable. 
In recent years, technology has transformed the way we live, talk, and even our thoughts about space exploration. But the opposite happens with the way we invest, where financial and investment markets are still reluctant to adopt the most innovative technologies. Security has always been a big concern. Yet, with the arrival of Blockchain and smart contract technology, is it risk holding us back? Or is it the conventional banks and corporations’ fear of decentralization, loss of control, and being cut out as middlemen? SPINDLE is an investment and asset management platform with unalterable, highly transparent information. SPINDLE leverages the Blockchain's innate trust-based system, it allows institutional investors and fund managers to access a large pool of client, portfolio, and revenue opportunities, leaving behind traditional “at-arms-length” methods. Investors can browse through transparent, solid funds, allowing more options for their capital. And fund managers can reach a wider public, offering their services to opportunity managers at a lower cost. SPINDLE even gives access to select options like hedge funds, startups, or crowdfunding, making its pool of opportunities richer. All transactions within the platform are made with the SPINDLE token, which eliminates the involvement of third parties. 
Change is unavoidable, yet change can also be positive: if you allow it. 
Happy Holidays to our supportive community!!!
Founder Shuichi Uda