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ZETA Alpha Version to Be Released

  • What's ZETA

  • 2018/11/03

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SPINDLE proudly announces that the alpha version of ZETA, a matchmaking platform of the cryptocurrency hedge fund, will be released on November 20, 2018 (GST), in accordance with our previous announcement in the White Paper.
The world first matchmaking platform as a bridge between investorsand the cryptocurrency hedge fund.
Blockchain, the third innovation in the IT field after the Internet and smartphones, has already run into circulation with its market size reaching JPY 20 trillion (USD 176.7 billion) in the form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been expanding its market with a more focus on its investment aspect rather than on its currency function.
If the essential quality of cryptocurrency is investment as we believe, it is historically inevitable that more sophisticated means like funds and hedge funds, rather than simple speculation on market fluctuations, will also appear in this field to attain the natural goal of investment: the maximization of investors’ gains.There are more than 1,000 cryptocurrency funds around the funds, and the number of cryptocurrency hedge funds is remarkably increasing.
In the current social environment surrounding cryptocurrency, an individual investor will face great difficulty having direct access to funds or hedge funds. However, we believe that a trustless, dispersed cryptocurrency would remove the obstacle to create an environment whereindividual investorscan directly access a cryptocurrency hedge fund. 
ZETA isa platform where individual investors can directly contact cryptocurrency hedge funds by using cryptocurrency SPINDLE. We will launch this world-first matchmaking platform linking investors and cryptocurrency hedge funds to realize democratization of investment through cryptocurrency, as the Internet and cellphones democratized information in an innovative way.
ZETA has been developped as dApps (decentralized application). It’ s functions indicated by the white paper, will be implemented step by step by the end of 2020. Those functions will serve as a decentralized platform where investors can make voluntary investments, bringing forth a freer investment environment byleveraging the trustless transaction functions of cryptocurrency.
The alpha version of ZETA features the dictionary function of cryptocurrency hedge funds that are dotted around the world. Its Detailed Information Pages allow us to learn the past performance or operating strategy of the cryptocurrency hedge fund. Upon testing the alpha version of ZETA, we will develop the beta version and conduct verification tests in early 2019, then moving on to the release of the full version as described in the White Paper.
◆ZETA alpha
ZETA alpha has adopted Metamask as a wallet, a de facto standard for dApps. Metamask will securely hold users’ assets in custody independently of the ZETA platform. Inquiries and executions of translations will be conducted through Metamask. This alpha version is available to the holders of three million SPDs or more to conduct user monitoring, etc.
■Recommended Operating Environment
The latest version of Google Chrome (with the Metamask extension)