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In the Largest E-sport Event in China ChinaJoy,Cryptocurrency SPINDLE Grants SPDs Including the Extra Prize to the Winner. The Finals on6 August, 2018, were wrapped up in the midst of excitement, greatly raising recogniti


  • 2018/08/21

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BLACK STAR CAPITAL LTD. (London, United Kingdom) granted a total of 600 million SPDs, to the top three teams as extra prizes, as well as to participants through SNSs like WE CHAT and WEIBO and visitors to the events during China's largest e-Sport event "ChinaJoy."
"ChinaJoy" is one of the largest Chinese e-Sports events organized by China Joy Organisation Committee under the guidance of the Chinese government in order to promote the healthy growth and management of e-Sports. The 16thChinaJoy this year was held under the concept of "Smart New Era, Embrace New Entertainment."
The event saw players compete in the MOBA PC Game, League of Legends and the MOBA Smartphone game boasting more than 200 million Chinese users, King's Glory: City Race (王者荣耀城市赛) series. After both online and offline elimination races in 10 different Chinese cities, and the semi-finals in July, the finals were held on 3–6 August, 2018 in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). More than 400 thousand million visitors, significantly more than last year’s 342,700 as well as more than three million online spectators watched the finals, and the event was wrapped up in the midst of great excitement.
BLACK STAR CAPITAL LTD. will continue to promote, invest and operate business in the Chinese market, where e-Sports are expected to further expand under the governmental development policies. More than half of the worldwide online e-Sports watchers are Chinese users, and the Chinese market is now regarded as the largest in the world.
Through the sponsorship to this year’s Chinajoy, we have renewed our awareness that we can make the most of our investment in the Chinese e-Sport market to help grow SPINDLE.
In 2018, the e-Sports market is expected to grow more than twice than last year’s market size to more than 1.5 billion dollars, and we have been convinced that the penetration of SPINDLE into e-Sports markets will have positive impact on future SPD growth.
SPINDLE will continue to invest in Chinese markets and e-Sports markets.
The project SPINDLE joined BIAS (Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai) on June 4. Following the opening of its Shanghai office and participation to Blockchain conferences and sponsorship to Chinajoy, it will seek to further expand its business in China in order to further raise awareness of the project SPINDLE in China and expand its market.