BLACKSTAR&CO. Becomes the First Japanese Corporation to Join Shanghai-based Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai, Spurring the SPINDLE Project with the Opening of Its Shanghai Office

BLACKSTAR&CO. (Chiyoda, Tokyo, CEO: Masamitsu Hirai) announced on June 4, 2018, that it was the first Japanese corporation to join the Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai.

The Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai (BIAS) is composed of domestic and international research institutes, companies that concern Blockchain technology and other corporations and organization in related fields that enhance studies on Blockchain-related media and improve communication under the guidance of the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Transformation and Development. BIAS helps its members to collaborate on research activities on the industrial application of Blockchain technology, on its potential disruptive effects on the industry and on methods to judge the credibility of fundraising through ICOs. It introduces Blockchain to corporations, etc., as means to develop competitive projects.

China is playing a leading role in adopting Fintech, which has become globally popular through events, workshops and seminars. Blockchain technology is gaining greater attention in the country.

BLACKSTAR&CO. has already succeeded in the practical application of advanced Blockchain technology for investment/asset management in its SPINDLE project. Their aim is to contribute to the Blockchain industry rather than keep its exceptional developmental capacity to itself. They have decided to formally join BIAS.

BLACKSTAR&CO. also established an office in Xing Yi Road, one of the business centers of Shanghai.

“We decided to open our Shanghai office and join BIAS to step up our research and development efforts on Blockchain technologies in China as the country is the largest commercial market and is becoming the Fintech center in light of the rapid popularization of electric payment,” said Masamitsu Hirai, CEO of BLACKSTAR&CO.With the listing of five international cryptocurrency exchanges on May 2018, its SPINDLE project is steadily evolving. A director of and advisor at BIAS, Ervin Zhuang, will further focus on expanding business in China.


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