SPINDLE to Realize Highly Transparent Transaction Platform Through Strategic Capital & Business Alliance with BLUEBELT Co., Ltd.

SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD. (Director: Masamitsu Hirai, London, U.K.), the issuing company of cryptocurrency SPINDLE, announced on 15 March 2019, that it signed an agreement of strategic capital & business alliance with BLUEBELT Co., LTD (Representative Director: Jack Tran, Address: 8F, Nittochi Nishi-Shinjuku Bldg., 6-10-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “BLUEBELT” ).
In accordance with this alliance,
SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD. will promote technology exchanges and development cooperation with BLUEBELT in the development of the beta version of ZETA and other projects.
SPD will preferentially recommend the cryptocurrency exchange operated by BLUEBELT to cryptocurrency hedge funds that will join the beta version of ZETA, and cooperate with BLUEBELT to monitor transactions with the aim of prevent ing unauthorized trading or the falsification of blockchain, extract various data or release information.
BLUEBELT will offer technology to simplify transaction methods to the beta version of ZETA that SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD. is now developing.

We are also exploring the future transaction possibility on ZETA of listing gold-based stable coins or security tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange operated by BLUEBELT.

The above business alliance will enable the SPINDLE project to establish an appropriate environment for smooth investment in cryptocurrency hedge funds and conduct thorough monitoring of derivative transactions, etc. performed by cryptocurrency hedge funds. These efforts will help realize a highly transparent platform that SPINDLE has been up to, as well as more prompt progress on the project and the deepening of development.
< Conclusion of this agreement of strategic capital & business alliance >
In accordance with this agreement of strategic capital & business alliance, SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD. shall acquire shares of BLUEBELT by in-kind contribution by SPD and other new-type tokens that it plans to release in the first half of 2019.
< About BLUEBELT Co.,Ltd. >
BLUEBELT is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange founded by top experienced finance and IT professionals. They operates under our global brand, BLUEBELT Exchange Group. Since its establishment, BLUEBELT Exchange Group has consistently operated under the vision of becoming a corporation that delivers satisfaction to its customers and brings forth a revolution in the financial markets, where cryptocurrencies connect people without any social boundary or discrimination.


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