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GACKT OSHIROAsia Strategic Advisor

GACKT OSHIRO debuted as the vocalist of the world renowned, legendary band "MALICE MIZER". In 1999 he became a solo artist under the name of "GACKT", began self-producing himself and achieved results beyond music. Gackt released 48 CD singles and 19 albums, still holding the record today for having the most number of TOP 10 singles awarded to a male solo artist. In addition to music, he began starring in Hollywood, Japanese, Asian movies as well as TV dramas, and has worked a voiceover actor in Hollywood movies, animation, and world-renowned games. Gackt has fans across wide range of age groups globally. He earns the highest audience ratings during annual New Year's Day TV programs and is synonymous with the term “first class”, in name and reputation. He ranks among the top in male artists who draw advertising and TV commercial clients, representing a wide range of products from security systems to food. He is also a successful fashion designer. Being highly familiar with various industries, his involvement is not limited to appearances in advertisements, but he has also produced and launched a number of products and projects, successfully sending them out into the world. He is a worldwide influencer and continues activities with global reach. His social media followers reach 1.7 million on LINE, 900,000 on Twitter, 500,000 on Instagram, and 500,000 on Facebook with fans in Europe, Asia and America. He is fluent in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean), and moved to Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong in 2012. He is also actively involved in business investments across Asian countries. He has managed to establish intimate relationships with governments and royal families in many countries, and is currently establishing a position as a bridge strategist as well as a business influencer in Asian countries and is leading Japanese and foreign corporate marketing.