Details of ZETA announced at Blockchain Seoul

Details of “ZETA”, the core platform of the SPINDLE project, were announced by BLACK STAR CAPITAL LTD. (London, U.K.), CTO Takuro Mizobe at Blockchain Seoul held in Seoul, Korea, September 17th – 19th, 2018.

ZETA not only functions as a matchmaking platform between users and cryptocurrency hedge funds, but by recording the transaction history of users and cryptocurrency hedge funds on the blockchain, it also functions as a fair and highly transparent investment environment.  In the future, it aims to construct a distributed credit scoring system using the transaction data.

It was also announced that at the end of October 2018, the alpha-version service will allow users to view cryptocurrency hedge fund information using ZETA, and SPINDLE holders will be able to directly invest in cryptocurrency hedge funds through ZETA platform’s distributed investment function, which will be launched in December 2018.

For details regarding this ZETA announcement, please see the following:

After taking part in Blockchain Seoul, SPINDLE will accelerate negotiations with Korean cryptocurrency exchanges as well as grow its presence in Korean market.