The world first matchmaking platform as a bridge between investors and the cryptocurrency hedge fund.

In the current social environment surrounding cryptocurrency, an individual investor will face great difficulty having direct access to funds or hedge funds. However, we believe that a trustless, dispersed cryptocurrency would remove the obstacle to create an environment where individual investors can directly access a cryptocurrency hedge fund.

ZETA is a platform where individual investors can directly contact cryptocurrency hedge funds by using cryptocurrency SPINDLE. We will launch this world-first matchmaking platform linking investors and cryptocurrency hedge funds to realize democratization of investment through cryptocurrency, as the Internet and cellphones democratized information in an innovative way.

The alpha version of ZETA features the dictionary function of cryptocurrency hedge funds that are dotted around the world. Its Detailed Information Pages allow us to learn the past performance or operating strategy of the cryptocurrency hedge fund. Upon testing the alpha version of ZETA, we will develop the beta version and conduct verification tests in early 2019, then moving on to the release of the full version as described in the White Paper.